Royal Ossetra Caviar- Gift Sets

Royal Ossetra Caviar- Gift Sets

 We believe that exquisite culinary experiences are better shared.

Good times are better when shared. We believe that experiences are brought to life in the company of others, and that enjoyment is multiplied when it’s spread around. And there’s nothing more worthy of sharing than caviar. Luxurious, experiential and befitting of any occasion, it’s made to be enjoyed with others. 

Ideal for gifting to friends. Each caviar serving set comes with a gift bag containing a tin of Royal Ossetra Caviar, a tin opener and a traditional mother-of-pearl serving spoon.

Tasting sets are ideal to discover your favourite caviar type from our hand-picked collection. All sets include a tin of Kaluga Hybrid Reserve, Royal Ossetra and Beluga Caviar, a tin opener and a traditional mother-of-pear serving spoon.


Common Name: Ossetra Sturgeon

Species: Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii

Flavor: Nutty and briny with firm beads

Size: Medium

Most Common Color: Black to dark brown with hints of golden brown

Shelf Life: Four weeks refrigerated

Shipping: In special thermal protective packaging - Free shipping for any orders above €300 within EU, above €125 in Greece. Free delivery in Athens, Greece.