Kaluga Hybrid Reserve Caviar
Kaluga Hybrid Reserve Caviar
Kaluga Hybrid Reserve Caviar

Kaluga Hybrid Reserve Caviar



Kaluga Hybrid Reserve Caviar

The royal union of the Kaluga or River Beluga (Huso dauricus) and the Japanese or Amur (Acipenser schrenckii) sturgeons makes for an exceptional caviar, known for its distinct, mild flavour. 

A visual stunner, our Kaluga Hybrid Reserve has a deep and shimmery jade-like colouring and fills the palate with creamy, buttery flavours with each individual grain. This high quality caviar is often referred to as River Beluga and is the among the highest quality you can purchase in Europe and in the USA, with an aftertaste similar to the huso huso Beluga sturgeon. 

Common Name: Kaluga Huso Hybrid or River Beluga

Species: Huso dauricus * Acipenser shrenckii

Flavour: Mild and Buttery

Size: Large

Colour: Dark gray with flecks of brown

Ingredients: Sturgeon eggs, salt

Shelf Life: Unopened, up to three weeks refrigerated. Once opened, consume within 48 hours. For best taste consume within 1 week of purchase

Shipping:  In special thermal protective packaging - Free shipping for any orders above €300 within EU, above €125 in Greece. All orders delivered free in Athens