Truffle Sauce, Salsa Tartufata 180g

Truffle Sauce, Salsa Tartufata 180g



Truffle Sauce, Salsa Tartufata 180g

A flavourful sauce, the Salsa Tartufata can turn any pasta dish into the highlight of your menu! A popular statement in creative chef kitchens, this mix of olive oil, black olives and black summer truffles will become the secret ingredient in your pizza and pasta sauce bases. 

Source: Produced in Italy in the forests of Molise, a region of villages in central Italy

Recipe Suggestions: Use in pizza and pasta sauces, mix with butter, protein marinade or as a pasta sauce base

Storage: For best preservation, store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. After opening, refrigerate up to 5 days keeping the jar's cap clean at all times

Shipping: Ships currently only with your caviar order