Truffle Quartet

Truffle Quartet



Truffle Quartet

The ultimate gift for truffle lovers and a delicious, versatile addition to your kitchen! The Truffle Quarter contains a bottle of Black Summer Truffle Oil (60ml), a bottle of White Truffle Oil (60ml), the Truffle Salt (100g) and the Truffle Sauce (180g). 

Source: Produced in Italy in the forests of Molise, a region of villages in central Italy

Recipe Suggestions: Drizzled on potatoes (fried, boiled, mashed, crisps), pasta dishes, appetisers, salads, pizza, meat or fish and of course atop caviar from our collection of Ossetra, Beluga or Kaluga Hybrid Reserve

Storage: For best preservation, store in a cool place away from sunlight. After opening we suggest use within 12 months for best taste. After opening of the Truffle Sauce, refrigerate the jar up to 5 days keeping the jar's cap clean at all times

Shipping: Ships currently only with your caviar order