Royal Ossetra Caviar
Royal Ossetra Caviar
Royal Ossetra Caviar

Royal Ossetra Caviar



Royal Ossetra Caviar

Ossetra has long been hailed as one of the most coveted varieties of caviar since it was originally found in the Caspian Sea. Ossetra sturgeon fishlings (otherwise known as the acipenser guldenstadtii) have since been relocated to aquaculture farms where they’re now sustainably raised and farmed.

These delightfully firm roe are best known for their nutty flavor and dark color—ranging from black to dark gray with flecks of gold and jade. The pleasing pop and rich, bold sea flavors hold up beautifully to a variety of foods, including heavy creams, sauces, and meat dishes. This culinary versatility gives it universal appeal and makes it one of the most popular caviars in the world today.

Common Name: Ossetra Sturgeon

Species: Acipenser gueldenstaedtii

Flavour: Nutty and briny with firm beads

Size: Medium - Large

Colour: Gray to dark brown

Ingredients: Sturgeon eggs, salt

Shelf Life: Unopened, up to three weeks refrigerated. Once opened, consume within 48 hours. For best taste consume within 1 week of purchase

Shipping: In special thermal protective packaging - Free shipping for any orders above €300 within EU, above €125 in Greece. All orders delivered free in Athens