Beluga Reserve Caviar
Beluga Reserve Caviar
Beluga Reserve Caviar

Beluga Reserve Caviar



Beluga Reserve Caviar

Beluga Reserve is an exceptional caviar of a generous size, fine texture and colour varying from light to deep grey. Beluga caviar's taste lingers in the mouth. Its sweet notes follow the subtle notes of hazelnuts and end with a symphony of flavours. Use Beluga Reserve caviar to create the finest dishes ever known!

Flavour: Sweet and nutty with smooth, silky beads

Size: Large

Colour: From light to deep gray

Species: Huso huso

Common Name: Beluga

Ingredients: Sturgeon eggs, salt

Shelf Life: Unopened, up to three weeks refrigerated. Once opened, consume within 48 hours. For best taste consume within 1 week of purchase

Shipping: In special thermal protective packaging - Free shipping for any orders above €300 within EU, above €125 in Greece. All orders delivered free in Athens