Traditional Ossetra Caviar
Traditional Ossetra Caviar

Traditional Ossetra Caviar



Traditional Ossetra Caviar

Our Traditional Ossetra from Europe boasts a bold and briny flavour, best enjoyed paired with crème fraîche, pasta or meat dishes to balance it’s intensity and shine through any accoutrements. These dark, mature beads have a robust bite that true brine-lovers will appreciate. Those Ossetra sturgeon fishlings live in aquaculture farms where they are sustainably raised and farmed.

Flavor: Heavy Cream, Brine, Intense and Mature

Size: Medium - Large

Most Common Color: Black to dark gray with hints of jade

Species: Acipenser gueldenstaedtii

Common Name: Ossetra Sturgeon

Ingredients: Fish roe, salt

Shelf Life: Unopened, up to three weeks refrigerated. Once opened, consume within 48 hours. For best taste consume within 1 week of purchase

Shipping: In special thermal protective packaging - Free shipping for any orders above €300 within EU, above €125 in Greece. All orders delivered free in Athens